Bananas (Bananas En Habana) (German Edition)

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Medium body with smooth mouthfeel and some crisp carbonation generated some softness through the palate, finish is dry. Pretty decent Weizen with generous amount of good malty and yeasty profiles. I think I need to leave the USA every once in a while in order to experience beer produced by folks that have done it for millennium.

Full nose of caramel, cloves and overripe banana. These flavours continue in the taste, but coffee and lemon zest are also present here. The malts seem to be roasted or have at least gone through a very long heat drying process, as the taste has quite some stout characteristics.

Manual Bananas (Bananas En Habana) (German Edition)

The coffee flavour and dry finish are quite dominant here. A nice twist, though it does get a bit bland after a while with a 0. Mouth feel is still Weizen though: smooth as always. Nice aroma with notes of toasted malts, cloves, bananas, tangerines, some cocoa and yeast. Pleasant flavor with notes of cloves, mild wood, caramels, some bananas with cinnamon, yeast, a sprinkle of cocoa, vanilla, ginger and bread with raisins and nuts. Dry aftertaste with a mild citrusy sensation. Light body with good carbonation. Always pleasure to drink Dunkelweizen with a good balance between drinkability and flavor complexity.

Hazy deep amber body, medium tan head that fades pretty quickly, little lacing, holds a thin veil. Sweet smell with wheat, banana, some dark malt and little clove. At first the taste is sweet malt with a little tart wheat, followed by an intensifying taste of toasted bready malt and mild yeast banana with notes of chocolate, ending dry and a bit watery with a slight clove spiciness, leaving a pleasant and sweet toasted caramel aftertaste with a hint of banana. Medium-light body, high soft carbonation, creamy mouthfeel.

Overall a flavorful but light dunkelweizen. Drinkable and pleasant.

There was some banana in there as well but this was slightly weaker than I would have liked. After being pleasantly surprised by this brewery's weissbier offering see that review , I had fairly high expectations for this one. Certainly this was technically proficient and nothing was obviously wrong, a brown-red wood color with ample fizz and an inch or so of beige quick-breaking head. Aroma features the expected banana and clove elements along with some caramel and faint chocolate.

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Body is much like that of a lighter macro-brewed weiss, on the thin side and featuring an apple-like fruity "young beer" flavor along with some brown sugar, raisin and clove. Banana is low level, at least to my palate. A little sour and quite crisp. Not as complex as its lighter stablemate but pleasant enough I suppose. I have enjoyed less fruity and more malty examples of the style but makes a decent enough patio brew when in the mood for something a touch darker. Not particularly sweet and maybe a little bland. Was hoping for something more robust. Aroma is dark bready malt, ripe banana, clove, fruity esters.

Taste is dark sweet wheat malt, clove and other spice, banana. Mouthfeel is soft and mellow, nice carbonation. Overall a solid dark hefeweizen, a tasty pairing for my plate of jaegerschnitzel and spaetzle. S: Vanilla, bananas and coriander, yeasty typical mustiness of a hefe or dunkel weisse. Ever slight typical plastic scent. T: Bananas, bananas, bananas, coriander, malty caramel.

Very well balanced and delicious.

M: Medium body, medium carbonation. Fine bubbles in carbonation. O: Delicious, love this Dunkelweissen. Not usually a fan of these, but I am of this one. Could see it going well with cheesecake. Mostly sweet with a thick mouth feel. The banana flavors of the yeast dominate the palate and not much else is going on here. I did finish my growler but I wouldn't buy it again. There are lots of better Weisse beers out there. The quest continues The mouthfeel is fairly thin and the flavours are more subdued than I expected. Not a bad dunkel but this brewer is known to be top shelf in wheat beers so a bit of a drop in expectations.

My first dunkel. A - Pours with great big light tan head of thick foam. Hazy maple brown body with some amber highlights in it. Not really fantastic head retention and basically no lacing at all. A little underwhelmed. S - A nice aroma of dark malt and spice, with light fruit notes as well.

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Light, bready crystal malt, ginger and nutmeg, upfront with some notes of dried plum, flaked wheat, banana, and yeast. T - Lots of bready malt and yeast, with notes of ripe banana, plums, and a hint of molasses. Brown sugar, caramel malt, and crisp fruitiness. Some spices are present as well, nutmeg and ginger, with some clove. A solid profile for sure, but nothing worth writing home about. M - Crisp and well carbonated, with a medium body.

Finishes a bit dry, and leaves some yeasty residue after a while. Overall, pretty smooth. D - An all around solid beer, and something I hope to have again. Definitely a step behind Maisel's Weisse Original, but still a tasty and damn drinkable brew. Smell: Barely perceived, little sniffs of wheat, darkened malts, fruit. Some aromas crank the dial up to 11, this turned it down below 1. Taste: Bread crusts, some roast, some nuts but the flavor is incredibly mild. Slight wheat twanginess. Pinch of cocoa. Light banana, raisin. Near nil hop character, bitterness.

Thinning a bit watery, even on the under-carbonated finish with little hints of dark malt and fruit. Mouthfeel: Medium-thin body. Medium-light carbonation.

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Overall: Weak offering. I'd rather have their standard weisse, as this just had sooo little going on that it was instantly forgettable. Tempting malty aroma has hints of chocolate and caramel. Flavor - such flavor! Imagine Bauhaus mixed with a hot avant-garde Caribbean vibe in a number of galleries and performance spaces.

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Formerly the Jewish Community Center, this intimate basement venue now hosts live music throughout the week. There is a cool bar at the back of the s modernist structure with a Star of David on the facade and elegant front doors covered in Semitic symbols , as well as a small outdoor cafe on the second-floor terrace, where local actors and artists congregate for coffee in the afternoon before rehearsal.

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Climate June is the hottest month, with average highs of 31C. August-October is hurricane season. Winter months are still hot and sunny by European standards.

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