Of Moths and Butterflies

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Butterfly and Moth Taxonomy

News Biology 23 October A few revelations about moths and butterflies. Family tree busts theories about their age — and why moths grew ears. Natalie Parletta reports. Explore Moths butterfly. Natalie Parletta is a freelance science writer based in Adelaide and an adjunct senior research fellow with the University of South Australia.

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Butterfly and Moth Identification

Recommended for you. A rancher dies, and butterflies lose the farm. Physical differences abound.

EYEWITNESS - Butterfly & Moth - S2E3

Butterfly antennae are thin with club-shaped tips, compared with the feathery or comb-like antennae of moths. Moths are stout and fuzzy; butterflies are slender and smooth.

https://pudtutibpimol.cf And wing colorations between the insect types are generally polar opposites, with butterflies sporting more vibrant colors. Additionally, moth wings, unlike butterfly wings, have a structure called a frenulum, which joins the forewing to the hind wing. Though these various traits usually distinguish a butterfly from a moth, there are numerous exceptions to these rules.

2. Nocturnal vs Diurnal

The Madagascan sunset moth, for example, is brightly colored and active during the day. Follow Life's Little Mysteries on Twitter llmysteries.

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