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Be careful: the train stays 15 minutes only. The biggest city in Siberia region with inhabitants, it was founded in Novosibirsk is the third main cultural and scientific center in Russia, the university of Novosibirsk is quite famous too. The area around Novosibirsk is very good for camping and trekking, besides, Altai mountains are not far. Read Novosibirsk guide. The end of Novosibirsk region, start of Kemerovo region km.

In the night Babushkas old women sell nice homemade cakes waffles with three layers and sweet milk spread in between.

The end of Kemerovo region, start of Krasnoyarsk region km. The center of vast Krasnoyarsk region, known for the national park "Stolby" just outside of the city. There's a nice market at the station - eggs, potatoes, fish, sausages, tomatoes, ice cream, salted cucumbers, fresh stuff. Train stays 20 mins usually. The end of Krasnoyarsk region, start of Irkutsk region km. Here you can change to BAM train line.

Check beforehand if there's a train. Shops with beer, babushkas sell food in big bags - they walk with their bags and they open the bags to show you what is inside there it looks like they're hiding. The air is warm and there are many mosquitoes.

BBC Documentary - Living in Siberia #Nomad

All the chemical and machinery productions are concentrated in this city. It was built by prisoners, so the landscapes are not very welcoming. Also, it is considered to be quite dangerous.

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Irkutsk is a nice city with unusual atmosphere and interesting architecture. Baikal lake is just 60 kilometers away. A good starting point for exploring the western side of the lake. Read Irkutsk Guide.


Siberia, Russia

A village on the shore of Baikal. It's more like a port, so it's not interesting to stay in there. It is a good starting point for exploration of Circum Baikal railway which starts there , or going south to Arshan 3 hours , which is just next to Sayan mountains — a great place for camping, walks, and various activities.

By the way, you can buy great smoked fish from Baikal lake - Omul - there. Highly recommended. A major ski and snowboard resort at Baikal. A nice and refreshing stop if you're traveling between December and April. Check the itinerary of your train, as not all trains stop here.

Lithuania to Siberia via train, bus, and plane

If you want to be sure, take a local train from Irkutsk or Slyudyanka. The end of Irkutsk region, start of Buryatia republic km. The capital of Buryatia republic. Here you will feel like you're in Asia finally: a quiet and nice mix of Russianess and Easterness. A good starting point for exploration of the Eastern shore of Baikal lake, or visiting the main Buddhist Datsan in Russia - Ivolginsky. Below the Eastern route to Vladivostok is shown.

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Read Ulan-Ude guide. The end of Buryatia republic, start of Chita region km. The end of Chita region, start of Amurskaya region km. The end of Amurskaya region, start of Evreiskaya region km. The end of Evreiskaya region, start of Khabarovsky krai km. Crossing Amur river on km via the longest Trans-Siberian bridge - meters.

After - a long tunnel. A friendly Russian city on Amur river just next to China. Kotikovo, on the km, is the closest part of the Trans-Siberian route to China only 3 kilometers. The end of Khabarovsky krai, start of Primorsky krai km. The last stop of Trans-Siberian.

2. Make some stops along the way.

In the , an army squad landed on the bank of Zolotoy Rog Golden Horn bay and built the barracks, it was the first building in the Vladivostok. Soon after that Vladivostok became the main Russian port on the Pacific ocean. Most of the people are somehow connected with the sea: some are sailors, some are fishermen, some are serving in the navy. Be careful, because as any seaport Vladivostok is not quite safe. Comments, Questions, Feedback? If you have a question, please, post it in Way to Russia forum or tweet waytorussia. For comments and feedback about this article, use the form below. Most Recent Articles:.

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Trans-Siberian Train Costs The cost of Trans-Siberian train journey depends on the level of comfort and the number of stopovers you make along the way. Obtaining a Russian tourist visa valid for 30 days and available for single or double entry is not a straightforward process, but travel agents can help or recommend a visa-support agency.

Visas cannot be obtained at the border, so application must be made in advance. The necessary steps are set out at ru. Reservations are required for all trains, so you cannot decide to hop off one and catch another without the necessary ticket. Many prefer the simplicity of booking an all-inclusive package from such travel companies as:.

Remember that trains run to Moscow time while in Russia, whatever the local time, so knowledge of the time zone you are in and a calculation are necessary when consulting the timetable. Tickets are sold with or without service meals.


On the regular public trains, bedding is supplied in first- and second-class coaches, the berths being folded into seats by day. Each sleeping-car has at least two western-style toilets and a washroom with sinks. Some Chinese coaches offer a shared shower between two first-class berths. Food quality is generally adequate, though menus are limited, in Russia typically ham and fried eggs for breakfast, schnitzel and potatoes for lunch or dinner, with soups and salads for starters.

Beer, Russian champagne, vodka, chocolate and snacks are sold at the bar. The Mongolian Railways restaurant car normally serves rice and mutton, while the Chinese dining car has a good variety of Chinese dishes. Stops at stations allow food to be bought from platform vendors or shops; fare depends on location and season, but usually includes fruit, bread, boiled eggs, pot noodles, beer and soft drinks.

Be wary of cold meats and salads and always make sure you know how long each stop is some are no more than than five minutes before venturing far from the coach — people have been left behind. As a rule of thumb, employ the usual convention of tipping for good service. The experience on the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian train is very different. Cabins have a double bed, wardrobe, TV and DVD, clever storage space and underfloor heating in the en-suite shower room.