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If you missed it and are interested in hearing more, check out this post for things to do in London and this post for all the amazing eats! Ahhh Paris. You wondrous city, you. Have you ever been to Paris before? Always wanted to go? Planning to go? This was luckily my third time in Paris — I had been twice before during college, but in a very different group and in a very different mindset — and I must say, I saw Paris in a whole new light this time around.

The charm, the food, the gorgeous weather, the romance— Paris was simply perfect.

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I divided this post up by neighborhood for the most part. One of my favorite spots in all of central Paris is definitely the Palais Royal.

Not only is the architecture absolutely stunning, but we loved spending time walking through the gardens and people-watching everyone taking pictures on the columns including us lol. But the amount of people rushing in to take selfies with the Mona Lisa can kind of take away from the experience, if you know what I mean.


And the lines can get pretty long here. I recommend getting the Paris Museum Pass to skip the lines if you want to go. We did that, and while we still had to wait in the museum pass line, it cut a good amount of waiting time off.

Sorry to get a little real about the Louvre. But on a positive note, the outside of the Louvre is simply magical. The second you turn the corner and see those stunning pyramids and gorgeous columns you have to just stop and stare for a few minutes! We walked around this area so many times during our stay here because it is that beautiful.

Keep reading below for some of my favorites! Le Marais is a historic district in Paris known for its architecture, picturesque cafes, and museums.

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This was one of my favorite neighborhoods we explored because it felt so authentically Parisian! This area is also home to two wonderful museums: the Picasso Museum and the Pompidou. Remember when I told you I had other museums to recommend besides the Louvre? These are two of them!

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The Picasso Museum see below is so well designed, taking you through the life of Pablo Picasso and chronologically through his works of art. I feel like I learned so much here and really had the ability to enjoy the art. Next up was the Pompidou see above.

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If you love modern art, this museum is your place! First of all, just look at the architecture of the museum itself. So cool right? As you can see in the photos, you have a clear sight of Sacre Coeur, surrounded by iconic rooftops and buildings. And if you go to the other side of the museum rooftop where the Georges restaurant is, you get a gorgeous view of Notre Dame.

We just grabbed a drink at the restaurant after exploring the museum, and it was totally worth it for the sights!

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We took a beautiful walk from Le Marais to Notre Dame, stopping at a classic cafe for a cappuccino on our way. Which you must do… like every day… or twice a day. Because, Paris. Their cappuccinos totally live up to the hype.

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Another recommendation— we came here in the early afternoon and the line was outrageous. Like down the block and around the corner. So instead of wasting an hour waiting, we just popped by the next morning around 8 am and we were the only ones there! It is definitely worth getting up early in Paris to see the iconic churches and miss the lines. Ok, so let get real.

They contain chopped chocolate, too! Just follow the recipe carefully, and the hints from the blogpost, on the salt content. But, it satisfied my craving.

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