The Werewolf Wench and the Biker Gang

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He explains that by killing her, she won't have to choose and neither brother will get hurt. He then asks her which brother she would choose, and Elena responds by telling him to go to Hell. Tyler enters the scene, shocked at the state of Elena's condition. He attempts to rescue her, but is caught by Klaus who previously asked him to leave. Klaus asks Tyler how he broke the sire bond and just as he is about to kill Tyler, Stefan and Damon arrive to save them. Stefan plunges his fist into Klaus' chest and Bonnie performs her desiccation spell.

Then Damon helps Elena up. After Klaus is desiccated, Elena returns home to find the others celebrating a Klaus-free life. After the party, Elena mysteriously faints, and she begins to bleed.

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In The Departed , Elena returns from Mystic Falls hospital and remembers about how her life was before vampires: she was a popular high school cheerleader and all she had to deal with was her relationship with Matt. Elena wakes up from her sleep and sees Matt watching over her, and she tells him she was sorry for leading him on. Elena remarks that she's doing the same thing with Stefan and Damon, but she knows that if she chooses a brother, she'll lose the other.

Elijah visits the Gilbert house to make a deal with Elena. Elijah requests that Elena hand Klaus over to them, and in return, promises not to awaken for the remainder of her lifetime or her children's lifetimes. Elena agrees to the deal, much to Damon's dismay. Matt and Jeremy realize that Elena's in danger because of Alaric so they plan to send Elena out of town. Matt secretly drugs Elena's tea, and Elena wakes up to find herself in Matt's car, both of them driving away from Mystic Falls.

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  5. Eventually, the two find out that Klaus was killed by Alaric and that Tyler died. Matt delivers Elena an ultimatum: she can choose to head to the warehouse to be with Damon or she can return home to her friends, and Stefan. Elena chooses to head back to town, and calls Damon, informing him that she chooses Stefan. She tells him that Stefan came into her life at a time when she really needed someone, and even though she developed feelings for him, her feelings for Stefan still remained.

    Elena says things may be different if she had met him before Stefan. Elena tells him she'll see him soon, and Damon gives his goodbye. Damon then remembers how he had, in fact, met Elena before Stefan but had compelled her to forget.


    Elena experiences flashbacks of when her parents were underwater and died in the first accident. While Stefan goes into the water, trying to save Elena first, Elena refuses and points to Matt, wanting Stefan to save him first; in the past, he tried to save Grayson first, who motioned for him to save Elena instead. During a fight between Damon and Alaric, Alaric suddenly falls onto to ground not knowing what is happening to him. Damon does, however. Damon isn't able to believe he's dying, knowing that if Alaric is dying, then Elena must be dying.

    Damon then cries, repeating, "You are not dead. Damon rushes to the hospital, demanding to know where Elena is. Meredith stops him, telling him she gave Elena vampire blood earlier that day because of a cerebral hemorrhage, bleeding of the brain as she would have died otherwise. After that, Elena awakens as a vampire in transition. In Growing Pains , Elena awakens on the morning after the accident to find out that she has become the thing she dreaded the most has come true- she died with Damon 's blood that Dr.

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    Meredith Fell had injected in her system. And she must go through a terrible transition to become a vampire or face certain death. Stefan promises her that he and Bonnie will exhaust every possible way out of the situation, but Damon is furious with his brother for letting her die in the first place. Damon also tells her that there is no way out of it, " You feed or you die, there is no door number three.

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    After Stefan makes her a sandwich she can't eat it, Stefan tells her he should have saved her first instead of Matt, but Elena tells him if he did, then Matt would be dead and she couldn't handle that. When Stefan mentions her finishing the transition she tells him they'll cross that bridge when they come to it. Her statement makes her laugh uncontrollably as she slowly starts to cry too. She goes back upstairs and sees Damon, but realizes she's remembering the scene from Rose , where Damon tells her he loves her and compelled her to forget.

    After hearing noises downstairs she finds Stefan surrounded by deputies and Pastor. They take them to Pastor's house, after Pastor tells her about his and the council's plan, she starts to leave the house when Pastor thinks she's one of them. After a deputy knocks her out, she wakes up in a cage with Rebekah across from her and Stefan on the other side of the wall, the cells have been intoxicated with vervain to weaken them. After, Elena tells Stefan she chose him, and that he was the main reason she was on the bridge to go back to him.

    Bonnie contacts Elena's spirit on the other side and tries to bring her back. But Bonnie's fails and Stefan, and Rebekah kill a guard to help Elena finish the transition. She eludes to the fact that it wouldn't change anything, but she has to take it a bit further. She asks him what he would have done if he was in Stefan's position and he tells the truth only Damon would tell: he'd let Matt die to save her because he's selfish.

    He's so selfish, that he'd take someone else's life to give Elena the one she wanted: a human life. And that single factor changes everything. Damon has always been selfish and destructive, but one great reason Elena's answer had to be Stefan hearkened back to the time when Damon just couldn't understand why she'd choose death over vampirism. He tells her: "I would have saved you in a heartbeat; no question. You would have gotten to grow up and had the life that you wanted, the life that you deserved. Stefan and Elena are last seen on the roof of the Salvatore house seeing that everything is now different and that things will change from now on due to Elena being newly turned.

    Stefan tries re-assure Elena that everything will be okay but Elena tells Stefan that he doesn't need to do so. Stefan tells Elena that he wishes he could though, that he wishes that she would never experience pain, that she'll never crave blood, but that she will. That Elena craving blood will be the worst thing you will have to go through and experience and live through.

    Elena tells Stefan that she will get to live though, that she will be a sister, a friend and that she will be with him forever if she wants. Elena then kisses Stefan and tells him that she is going to get through it, just like they get through everything. Elena tells Stefan that they should get back inside before sunrise. Stefan then gives Elena her own daylight ring that Bonnie had made for her just in case. Stefan puts the ring on Elena's finger and then tells her "One day at a time, right?

    In Memorial , Stefan tries to get Elena to learn and follow the diet of drinking animal blood. In the morning, Stefan and Elena wake up together in the woods to hunt. Stefan leads Elena farther into the woods and it is there that they spot a deer eating grass. Stefan tells Elena to close her eyes so that Stefan can catch the deer so Elena can feed. Elena feeds on the deer without killing it. Although Elena is overwhelmed by her very first feed, Stefan encourages a tearful Elena that even though it was hard, she did it.

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    Stefan encourages her that she is going to get through it and that everything will be okay. Elena walks in on Stefan and Damon having a disagreement on Elena's feeding methods and diet. Elena can see that Damon doesn't approve of Elena trying to live on an animal blood diet, not drinking human blood and feeding on innocent people from the vein.

    Damon lets Elena know again that she is a vampire and should act like one, which implies that Elena should treat humans as food. Damon then insists that Elena is going to be miserable because of her vegetarian diet. Stefan and Elena are in the woods together and Stefan is trying to teach Elena methods on how to hunt for forest animals. However, Elena is distracted by Stefan's embrace and touch and her overwhelming sense of passion and desire for Stefan. Elena describes Stefan touching her as if he is literally touching every single nerve on her body, implying that she finds Stefan's touch electrifying.