Westmächte im Transkaukasus (1918-1920) (German Edition)

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As we have seen, Germany remained in a strong post-war position and together with a myriad of small, insecure succession states emerging from the remains of Austria-Hungary and the Russian Empire it was not possible to re-establish any substantial equipoise in the European balance of power.

Perhaps a more open dialogue between the peacemakers and the rival White Russian and Bolshevik factions beyond the abortive Prinkipo negotiations may have been productive in maintaining Russia as a powerful ally. However, uncertainties as to the outcome of the Russian civil war, Allied reluctance to intervene and the potential of encroaching Bolshevism precluded any meaningful dialogue.

The peacemakers were therefore unable to create a lasting peace because the traditional European power structure was irretrievably lost and they were unable to create a new order from the small, disparate successor states. Britain and the Peace Conferences — , p. Essay, 15 Pages, Grade: 1B. M B Murray Baird Author. Add to cart.

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Westmachte Im Transkaukasus (1918-1920)

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Paperbackshop International. Das Gro? Fiktionale Struktur in Steinbecks Cannery Row. All rights reserved. The deliberations of the peacemakers between and failed to establish an enduring peace for multifarious reasons, but not because the peace treaties were too lenient towards the vanquished powers.

After all, the negotiators did not begin with a blank piece of paper. Rather, certain curbs were placed on them. Technically defeated, but practically unoccupied the Central Powers, and in particular Germany, remained largely intact and the pre-war counterweight to German power in the form of the Russian and Habsburg Empires no longer existed.

Concomitantly, encroaching Russian Bolshevism created a dichotomy as to the treatment of the vanquished powers. Moreover, the main players in the peace conferences brought with them not only their varied personalities but also their different aims and aspirations, tempered by domestic political strategy and public opinion.

In addition, the imbroglio that was rampant post-war nationalism was neither fully understood nor remedies consistently applied. Finally, the open sore created by the so-called war guilt cause and reparations festered until it became a cancerous growth consuming the very tissue of the peace treaties and simultaneously gave the vanquished nations reasons to break the treaties.

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  4. Although Dockrill and Goold claim that, with the exception of the United States, the Allies gained a Phyricc Victory [1] , structurally and materially Germany at least amongst the Central Powers emerged from World War One in a more favourable position for recovery than did Belgium or France.